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What type of doctor to see for multiple unrelated symptoms in multiple areas

Discussion in 'Chillout Zone (Chat about anything)' started by Kspekk, Mar 13, 2019.

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    I've had a few different health concerns come up lately and think it's time to get everything checked out. I'd like to get it all checked at once if possible, but am wondering if it's practical to visit one general physician for multiple concerns that aren't necessarily related. To be more specific, I am interested in a general checkup, blood work, occasional chest pain, and a skin irritation in the groin area that could potentially be a fungal infection (does not itch, is not an STD). I'm unsure if I should be seeing a dermatologist or urologist for the last issue, but if I can do it all with a general practitioner I would prefer it. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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