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Rapid hair loss

Discussion in 'Chillout Zone (Chat about anything)' started by Hamza7, Feb 7, 2019.

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    Losing a lot of hair lately.

    Receding hair line

    While shampooing i notice a lot of hair falling out

    My head used to be full of volume now very less volume

    Gray wavy hair increasing

    Some times when i move my hair in some other direction it kind of hurts my scalp

    Sometimes i feel some kind of pimples on my scalp..one or two at a time i suppose

    Age: 27 years old.

    Gender: male.

    Please help .

    I do not want to get bald so soon

    My dad is 55 plus and he started losing hair rapidly at the age of 45 or so could not be genetics i guess.
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