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New Profile Posts

  1. noob87
    noob87 DirtBiker
    you puncture it with a needle? I am doing more excersizes and drinking water, but this thing sitting there for like 5/6 days. Never had something like before, im 32 years old.
  2. noob87
    noob87 DirtBiker
    can you contact me, please I need to know more about this lymphocele thing...(!)
  3. joshuajame
    joshuajame killer
    Hey man, you posted on a blog two years ago about using Propecia, and how it made things worse for you after 4 weeks of using it. Just wondering if continuing using it made things better for you eventually? Considering using it myself, but not entirely sure yet.
  4. ahmed
    ahmed Dodger
    Hi ,I would like to ask you regarding Vitaros ,Does Your partner feel mild vaginal burning or itching, vaginitis . Because iam afraid that my wife will feel mild vaginal burning or itching, vaginitis .
  5. Maximil5
    Maximil5 Thea
    Hey, geez you don't come here very often! How are you doing? Life good? Drip me a line cutie
  6. Maximil5
    Maximil5 Thea
    Posted the new cage pic! If your interested
  7. Maximil5
    Maximil5 Thea
    Hey, I wanted to ask you how often you peg your man? Is it a weekly or monthly thing? Just wondering Thea. Thanks
  8. Maximil5
    Maximil5 Thea
    The profile pic isn't you? Well if it isn't you... It's a very sassy young lady! She has a saucy look in her eye as well! I'm picturing her wearing her strapon and saying " it's very big isn't it?" Lol!
  9. Maximil5
    Maximil5 Thea
    You are very pretty☺️ lucky boyfriend indeed!
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    1. Thea
      ha, if you believe my profile pic is me :p
      Apr 5, 2017
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  10. Maximil5
    Maximil5 Natasha
    Hi Natasha, I just read your comments on pegging! Lol I thought women grow sexually with age? Don't think exploring life ends at thirty! I'm in my sixties as wife is close behind, we are still trying new things, including pegging!! Yummy!
  11. cottontail
    Migraine incoming :(
  12. Geeta06
    Always believe yourself
  13. Kaushik
    Lets get some "Med"tention.
  14. JuliAvare
    “There is no greater heaven than the heart of a loving mother”
  15. Jen Maríe
    Jen Maríe
    I hate my thyroid...
  16. cottontail
    Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.
  17. Helpnation
    Love Yourself. Love the people who love you.
  18. cottontail
  19. Jason76
    Always on the lookout for ways to live life to the fullest.
  20. means009
    I am a 36 years old man who loves to discover new things over the internet.
  21. Benoit W
  22. GailO
    Where did my time machine go?