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How To Have Shower Sex - Getting Wet And More...

  1. It’s been a long, hot, tiring day. You kick off your shoes and sigh as you head off to the bathroom to clean up for your partner. To your surprise, he’s already there, in the shower, and damn if he doesn’t look good. Without taking the time to second guess it, you strip off your work clothes and climb in. Now what?

    This is where the tape usually ends for most people, you haven’t quite gone so far as to do it, you’ve just thought about it a lot. Well now is the time to put all those naughty thoughts of getting dirty with your partner in the shower to the reality test while you are busy getting clean. And while that might sound a bit silly, it doesn’t have to turn out that way as long as you follow a few simple bits of advice from people who have slid this slippery slide to sexual gratification before you.

    Natural you: Forget the makeup

    First off, forget about looking glamorous in the shower. If you’ve ever watched yourself in an overhead mirror while having sex in your bed, you probably already know that most sex positions don’t look all that glamorous in reality, that is unless you have stage lighting, the flexibility of a gymnast, and the body and face of Miss America. So if haven’t already gotten to the “make up free zone” in your relationship, you may want to hold off on getting into a room full of steam and water.

    Most makeup will not hold up against a hot shower, with or without the introduction of soap or shampoo. A really good liquid foundation to even out your skin tone might be OK, test it out for water durability first, but there is no mascara, waterproof or not, that will not run or flake to some degree, leaving you looking like you’ve just been on a crying jag. And don’t get into this with the idea that you can keep your head out of the stream of water, Not unless you are wearing a shower cap, and if you’re comfortable doing that, then I can bet you’re not the type that wears makeup in the shower.

    So ladies, this is an exercise for those who are comfortable with themselves, flaws and all cause there is almost no way to make this graceful. Hot and passionate? Erotic and a super turn on?.... Yes,..... graceful and pretty,.... maybe not. So for the risk takers among us, shall we continue?

    The next thing you want to consider, now that you’ve taken into account the fact that you will be dripping wet (no expensive hairstyle in the shower) and without makeup, and about to try to maneuver your body into a pleasurable sex position while keeping your balance in a slippery tub... is how to minimize accidents.

    Avoid accidents

    Now before you give up on the road to the steamy relaxation of you and yours, skin to skin while warm water streams over you, the heat urging you to reach new heights of passion yet unexplored... just remember…avoiding accidents is only a matter of common sense. So if you don’t already have one, you might consider investing in a shower mat, you know, those rubber mats you put in your tub to prevent slipping.

    Not only will a shower mat give you a firm footing, some are slightly cushioned and will come in handy if one or both of you end up in a kneeling position. If you don’t have one and don’t want to bother picking one up, you can try using a thick hand towel. While it won’t be as secure as a bath mat, it will provide some slip resistance as well as cushioning you.

    And its possible that some of you may have some of those stick on flowers or fish that people used to put on the bottom of their showers as anti-slips. I don’t know how many of you are old enough to remember these or if they were common in your parts, but they used to be something you could buy in the department store and just stick in your tub yourself, as many or as few as you liked. The only problem with them, is once they are in there, they are hard to get out, that’s why I prefer shower mats, they don’t usually have as rough a surface and they can be removed when you don’t need them.

    Action Begins…

    OK then, we’ve got our footing, now on to the fun stuff. If this is spur of the moment, or something you’ve planned as a surprise for your man, try waiting until he is in the shower and then slip in behind him. Slide your arms around his waist to let him know that you are there. Now that he’s aware of you, press your breasts gently against his back and rub your soon to be erect nipples against it. This tickling, teasing sensation should feel even better in the shower because you are both wet and things will slide easily, but before you reach for that bar of soap, read on.


    Recently I’ve been reading a lot about soaping up in the shower, but I think that if the aim of your shower time together is sex, rather than washing up, the soap is better left for after you indulge, as for some of us, soaps can be irritating if they are overused on our skin, especially the kind that creates a lot of lather.

    If you want to use something to caress each other with, use something with a very light scent, or no scent at all and look for something made with natural ingredients that is also moisturizing. If you don’t want to buy something special, I recommend using an inexpensive hair conditioner. This will wash off just as easily as soap and doesn’t have as much of a drying effect on the skin.

    Be careful though where you get it on yourself and your partner. I do not recommend a lot of anything scented or soapy to get onto and into your genital area and into your vagina. This can cause a lot of irritation later on in some people and you don’t want to find out that you are one of them after the fact.

    However, a bit of very mild shampoo or hair conditioner can be used on the genital area especially if your partner and yourself still have hair in that region. Adding a creamy, lotion like substance rather than a sudsing soap product will give a super smooth glide to your touch, add to the natural slipperiness of the water and won’t run as high a risk for skin irritation. You never want to get water or soap in the vagina, this will wash away your natural lubricants and can cause infection as well as make sex painful and no fun at all. There are lubricants you can buy that are just for the shower, to ensure a free sliding surface, but if you're careful with where the shower spray is going, it shouldn’t be an issue.

    Now back to what you are doing to your guy in the shower. You’re both standing under a hot steaming spray of water, (be sure you have a full tank of hot water and a decent water pressure--if you don’t it's not a deal breaker but there is something about tepid water, trickling disdainfully out of an ancient showerhead, that doesn’t scream turn on) your tits are pressed up against his back, hands playfully tweaking his nipples, he responds, turning around and soaping you from your shoulders to your feet, and you are ready to take this to the next level. With your hands or a soft wash cloth start to wash your partner all over and vice a versa.

    Passion, fire and water

    You might want to try changing up textures, one minute use a rough loofa on tougher less sensitive parts, a soft cloth or soothing body wash on others. The act of soaping up and touching in the shower is very sensual and erotic, and for some, this may be all that is required and the rest may be best kept for the bedroom.
    Try kissing and hugging in the shower, it's a great way to bond and feel close to your partner. The water streaming down around you, blocks out all the sounds of the day and you can concentrate on your partner's heartbeat as you stand entwined. And for those who want to amp it up a little further, slip to your knees and let your mouth do the work for a change. This can be reversed for your turn, it's the perfect time for oral since you don’t have to be hung up on cleanliness.

    To back it up a little, for those who want to go further than just sensual touch and horny kisses, here are some positions and moves you can do to make your shower sex experience one you will want to repeat As you go along touching and washing each other’s bodies, start to move in on those parts that are most essential to consummating this act and making this the shower sex, not just shower foreplay, you desire.

    Dirty becomes clean in the shower

    Women, take your man’s penis in your hand and use the slipperiness of the water and lather to create a natural sliding motion. Rotate your hand in a corkscrew motion as your pump it up and down.


    Now is also the time to explore all those dirty bits on your man that you are normally a bit shy to touch. The skin on the part that lies between his balls and his anus is a very sensitive area and it is often over looked, just like the two bands of flesh called the legs of the clitoris that run parallel to each other off of the clitoris going back toward the vaginal opening. These twin bands of flesh are almost as sensitive as the clitoris and are key in achieving orgasm. While you’re stroking your man’s penis, you can use your other hand to stimulate yourself, or you can guide your man’s hand to do it for you.

    The shower is the perfect place to have sex while you are on your period as well. But be advised that if you are on your heaviest days, there may be a lot of red water running down the drain as well as unsightly clots that may or may not get stuck to your or his legs. Most find this a turn off, so waiting until near the end when things are running clear again is probably a better choice.

    This is also the perfect time to give him the treat of oral without reciprocation. A blow job in the shower is perfect for this as moisture is being supplied for you from the water from the shower, making his cock that much easier to suck. Make sure your man is thoroughly rinsed of soap before putting his dick in your mouth though, soap is not the most pleasant taste or mother’s wouldn’t have been using it all these years to wash their kids mouths out. While you are down there, don’t forget to gently soap up his balls and give his butt a good scrubbing with a loofa. Just his ass cheeks though, not his sensitive parts, with the loofa that is, unless he is really into some weird stuff.

    Shower sex positions

    What about positions? If you are going to take this all the way to penetration and completion, choice of a good and doable position can be a bit hard to find. The position that is most secure and least likely to lead to falls, is doggystyle. With your lady on her hands and knees (see, I told you a bath mat was a good idea) get behind her and gents, do what the name of the position suggests, screw like the dog you are.

    Don’t use too much force in your thrusting, you don’t want her banging her head on the tiled wall. And I don’t say this as a joke, most tub enclosures are pretty small and depending on how excited you are, it's pretty easy to get carried away, I’m just saying remember where you are and hold in the reins.

    Another popular position for shower sex is standing up facing each other. Depending on your heights, this may or may not work. Usually if the woman raises one of her legs and wraps it around the back of the man’s, it helps to even things out a bit. You can also modify doggy style by having her stand and just bend from the waist, leaning her outstretched arms on the wall in front of her. Again, be careful of thrusting with too much force, she is even more likely to lose her footing in this position.

    Other than that, depending on the room in your shower, you can use a position where the man is sitting, legs outstretched, and his partner is on top in a kneeling position or there is always missionary though I think if you are going to do this you might as well get out of the shower cause laying on a tub floor isn’t very comfortable.

    If you do get out of the shower to finish, consider this move. Have the woman face the mirror above your countertop, lean over and brace herself on the sink. You now both have a perfect view of the action, Voila, no need for porns now, you are one.

    Last tip. Take a smallish mirror (one that you can straddle easily) and put it on the floor. After you get out of the shower have the woman straddle the mirror standing and then enter her from behind. I bet this will be a reflection you won’t forget for a long time!


    If you can think of any other positions you’d like to try in the shower, go ahead and use them, whatever you can do comfortably and that feels good. But there is one last thing you should remember, I would have mentioned it earlier but this isn’t a problem for me as I have been with the same partner for five years and my tubes are tied. You will need to use protection and or birth control if you care going to be having sex in or out of the shower.

    STDs are just as catchable and pregnancy can occur just as easily. Condoms can be tricky to get on when you're in the shower what with all the slipping and sliding, it might be an idea to step out of the shower for a second to put it on. Some suggest putting a condom on before starting but I think this is a bit too calculated and may not work if he’s not aroused yet or if it’s supposed to be a surprise.

    Well there it is folks, a guide to enjoying the shower together for more that just getting clean. Here’s to water conservation.

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