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How To Get Rid Of A Cold Fast

By PR Admin, Apr 20, 2016 | |
  1. Common cold is omni present. It affects everyone and is a fact of life. When all of a sudden you stop feeling fine and end up with a runny nose, scratchy throat, a headache and watery eyes, you know you are in with "it" for a few days. Your energy levels ebb and you cant concentrate or get work done efficiently. You want to get over it quick. Everyone wants to know how to get rid of a cold really fast, here are some tips to help you tide over things faster and easier.


    Fighting a cold involves the mind and the body. So, if you're exhausted, angry or sad, your negative emotions can dampen your mood and slow down your immune system just when you need it to put up a brave fight against your cold.

    When you feel you're in for a cold, set aside your routine and get into bed. You need a bit of sleep so that your stress levels come down significantly. Give your exercise workouts a rest while you still have cold symptoms.


    If you can't bear to lie in bed for about a week until your cough symptoms vanish, take OTC medications like decongestants and antihistamines. For pain, it's best to go with ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

    Drink a lot of fluids

    Drinking fluids through the day prevents you from being dehydrated and keeping your throat moist so that germs don't accumulate there. It can also decongest your throat and ease out your cold symptoms. It helps to drink about 10 glasses of water a day, Soup, ginger ale and pure fruit juices also help fight symptoms of cold.
    Among teas, green tea and peppermint tea are especially good since they help get rid of germs from the body and help in unclogging the mucus. A cup of hot tea with honey can get rid of a cough. However, caffeinated drinks are a complete no-no since they lead to dehydration.

    Do salt water gargles

    If you complain of a scratchy throat and don't know what to do about it, here's a tip: Warm a little water and add half a teaspoon of salt to it. Salt is good for you since it brings out the extra water in the tissues of your throat, lessens the inflammation you experience and clears any irritants and mucus at the back of your throat. By rinsing your throat with this liquid, you get rid of any viruses and bacteria lodged in your throat.

    Zinc helps

    Zinc taken in any form - syrup, tablets or lozenges helps. It is best taken when you first discover you're coming down with a cold. Infact of all the vitamins and minerals, Zinc has the most evidence of hastening recovery from colds and is proven to reduce both the duration and severity.

    Take Vitamin D3

    Research proves that people suffer the severest colds when the sun is at its lowest. Research also proves that about 900 IU of Vitamin D3 can easily be taken by adults to escalate recovery.

    Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is a great immune booster and helps the body recover from cold. Lemons, oranges, grapefruit, mangoes, papayas all contain vitamin c. Broccoli and bean sprouts are good sources too.


    The many benefits of garlic include its ability to fight colds due to its antimicrobial and antiviral properties. Garlic can be taken in the form of a supplement or crush a clove and add it to your meal.


    The immune system plays a major part in fighting and overcoming diseases. And the gut is the centerstage for this as it contains trillions of good bacteria that fight diseases for us. So giving that gut bacteria a boost with some probiotic foods like kombucha and raw sauerkraut can't hurt.

    Sugar therapy

    We are not sure about this but some people vouch about the sugar therapy where you hold fine sugar in your mouth until it dissolves completely and then spit it out. Doing this a few times clears the nose and throat it seems. Our member vouches for this method, but we are not sure. Hope this works for our readers.

    Stay hygienic, have a clean nose:

    Keep your nose clean by blowing into disposable tissues. Also, take hot showers because warm moisture clears your nostrils to provide temporaryt congestion relief and also gnaws out that mucic acid.


    Most of the tips mentioned above are to help manage cold. They may not all cure cold in a jiffy, but they help keeping your immune system fuinctional and help clear the mucus. Additionally they will also make it harder for you to infect others.

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