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Car Sex 101 - The Stuff They Skipped In Driver's Ed

  1. Whether you're a new car owner, first time buyer, or someone who has drriven around the block, around the city, and around the countryside in everything from a Volkswagon Beatle to Cadillac Coupe De Ville, this article will help acquaint you, or reacquaint you as the case may be, with “Car Sex.” Yes, an expert guide on how to have sex in a car, believe that! We will look at some car sex positions and ideas that will surely get you all revved up!


    The very words “Car Sex” bring shivers to the spine, Titanic’s steamy car sex scenes flash briefly through your mind and suddenly the possibilities for some excitement seem endless. Or maybe you haven’t seen Titanic and the only scenes in your head are the ones in which you star. In anycase, the tips in this article will get your engines running and your interior windows steaming.

    Car sex location - On your marks

    Once you’ve decided you are ready to christian your automobile, you’ll need to decide where the blessed event is going to take place. Where you go to have car sex is a personal choice. Some just stay parked in the garage, just getting sex out of the bedroom and into something a little different is all the excitement that they need.

    For those who are a bit more adventurous, some places are more suitable that others for going public. If you do decide to leave the garage, please keep in mind, public obscenity laws. You will want to find a place that is isolated enough to avoid being discovered, and possibly interrupted at a crucial moment, so choose wisely.

    One way to avoid detection is to wait until it's dark outside so that you are harder to make out while you make out. Another, the one Titanic used to keep it from being an R rated film, is to keep your windows rolled up and let your passion steam the windows into blinds. Either way you’ll still want to find a quiet spot where people aren’t likely to spot you and question what you’re doing.

    Deserted parking lots are a good choice and don’t require venturing far from home. A parking lot number one pick is an empty store lot, or even a church parking lot, provided it's not Sunday. Be careful if you choose a park or public beach parking lot, as there may still be kids around and it's not up to you to teach them sex ed. complete with visual aids.

    For those who want something a little more out of the way and don’t mind driving a bit, deserted off roads are a favorite. You usually don’t have to go far to find a stretch of road that has one or two smaller gravel roads going off of it. Just be careful to pull off the road (even what appears to be a deserted road gets the occasional traffic, after all, you’re there aren’t you?) and be sure that you aren’t on private property, that is one of the things that is sure to be on the” Not hot” list.

    If you do decide for a remote location off an unmaintained road, proceed with caution. A lot of these roads can be hard to turn around on, or they may have very soft shoulders, so be sure not to get stuck. Take along a cell phone just incase you have to phone for a tow. Number two on the ”Not hot” list, getting stuck.

    For those who want even more of a thrill and don’t mind taking the risk of being seen, you can go out during before its too dark to see well. You may even find the thought of someone sneaking a discrete peak a bit of a turn on as well. Again keep in mind that there are laws against this sort of thing and you’ll want to be mindful of where and who might be doing the peeking.

    Build Anticipation

    Ladies, you can spice up your car sex experience by wearing a short skirt or dress and nothing underneath. While you are driving to your destination, you can tease your partner by giving him “accidental” glimpses of what lies ahead and really get him speeding there by playing with yourself. When you stop at a light or have a vehicle that is much higher than your own beside you, you can let your skirt shirk up a bit more that it should and let inquiring minds, inquire.

    Men, I told you that I wouldn’t leave you out of the “oral” discussion and I won’t. For those that dare risk it, a bit of a feel by your lady or better yet a lick or a suck while you are driving slowly and safely mind you, will be sure to get you what you desire. An instant rush of horny because you are breaking all sorts of taboos and feeling her hot mouth and searching tongue while people just may or may not get a fleeting glance at the action.

    This possibility of being seen can be a huge turn on for some, and the feeling of being in control of an automobile while someone is doing something pleasurable and sexual to you may have you finishing your car sex before you even get to where you are going.

    Provided you do make it, and I’m sure you will, your partner should not be going so far as making you climax while driving, that could prove disastrous, there are just a couple more kinks you can try while still keeping it safe. For those with a sun roof, have your lady stand on the seat without her panties on and then you look up at the view.

    To make it interesting, have her wear a loose and flowing skirt that you can be tented in making it possible for her to receive pleasure and pretend that nothing out of the ordinary is happening. People can walk by and be none the wiser.

    Car sex positions - Who called Shotgun?

    Once you’ve found the location, its time to choose the front or back seat. The back seat generally has a little more elbow space but the front seat, especially bucket seats, make up for what they lack in space with built in back support. So how do you maneuver yourself into a good position? There are a few ways to go about this, so we will this next section will be divided into the front seat, the back seat, and outside and on the car.

    Backseat car sex

    Provided you have an ample back seat, you can both just lie back just as though you were at home in bed. I know this doesn’t sound too thrilling but factor in that you are in a public place and in a car and the excitement level amps up.

    Depending on how fastidious you are, you probably want to lay a blanket or towel down on the back seat to avoid any unnecessary messes. You or your partner can lay on their back and you can do it missionary, or you can both lay on your sides and do it spoon fashion, the front partner can use the seat ahead of them to ensure that they are not pushed off the seat by excited thrusting.

    These are the two most common uses of the back seat but there are others. If you are brave enough, you can open one of the passenger doors and while your partner kneels on the back seat, you can do it doggie style standing outside of the car.

    For those who really want to amp up the kink, have your partner shut the passenger door and unroll the back window. While her butt is sticking out of the window you can access what you like. Just make sure she has something to steady her or you might push her into the opposing window. Number three in “Not Hot”

    In the same vane, with the door open. your partner can sit on the back seat, with her legs out the door while you kneel in front of her. For added stability and to promote access, your partner can put her legs over your shoulders. This puts you in a great position to give oral and positions can be reversed so that you get your turn. If you are going to do this out in nature, or even in your garage, you will probably want to bring a mat for your knees. Something with enough padding to act as a cushion as well as protect you from dampness or any sharp objects that may be on the ground.

    Front seat car sex

    front-seat-car-sex.jpg Ahh, here it gets a little trickier unless you have an old boat of a car and it still has the bench seat in the front with no annoying armrest/cup holder in between. Even if it has one of those, a lot of them can be flipped up and out of the way. If it can’t then you are stuck doing things bucket seat style without the added comfort of the wrap around seating.

    So with old style bench seats you are best off pushing the seat back as far as it will go. and if it reclines, do that as well. Lay so that you are both with your heads on the passenger side because if you lay the other way,nine times out of ten, you will bang your head on the steering column.

    The rest is just as if you took the time to climb into the back seat. The only added benefit to the front seat is that if something happens and you have to move quickly, you don’t have to get out of the back seat. This is something to consider if you are in a lit public place. The ability to sit upright and look as if nothing is going on is a bonus.

    With bucket seats there are some new tricks to try. My favorite is getting my man to sit in the passenger side with the seat upright but pushed back from the dash as far as it can go. Get him to lower his pants and yours too and just climb aboard. You’ve got a natural spot to lean on and stabilize yourself with as the bucket seat is perfect for grabbing onto while you ride in style, so to speak. I like the angle of the thrust when the car seat is upright, but you can play around with leaning the seat back to see what works for you.

    This position also works with both of you facing forward. Simply sit on his lap and use the dash to rock yourself back and forth on. Kind of gives a new meaning to rock and roll.

    If your car comes with the luxury of a sunroof, open it up and you’ve got extra head room and the lovely fresh air in your face. And speaking of faces, try kneeling more upright on the seat with your upper half out the sunroof. Your partner will have not much else he can do with his face except have you rest your privates on it. (Don’t worry guys, yours is coming).

    Another way to use the front seat if they are buckets or bench is to push the seat back, recline it all the way and then have your partner straddle you. It can be a bit cramped depending on the make of your car and I personally prefer the seated positions myself.

    Let's call it 'Car Bonnet Sex'

    sex-on-a-car-bonnet.jpg Now who said car sex had to take place in the car. Some of the best car sex can take place outside of the vehicle while still using it as part of the action.

    An old favorite of course is 'sex on the car bonnet', with the lady bent over the hood or trunk and you giving it to her from behind. Another is sitting her up on the bonnet and doing it standing.

    And of course there is having her lay back and put her legs up while you dine. Sex on a car bonnet is one of the places where I dont like it rough and hard. Gentle rhythmic sex on the hood is what many prefer simply because of the hard surface on offer. So keep that in mind when you lay your girl on the bonnet :)

    Now I promised I wouldn’t leave you men out so I won’t. An out of the car position for you can be as easy as leaning against your car while she kneels in front of you or you too can sit on the hood or the trunk while she pays homage to your manhood.

    Oh, and before I forget, if you are using the hood of the car especially, watch that it's not burning hot. You might want to use a towel or old blanket to cut down the risk of burning butt instead of burning desire.

    And now to get kinky

    Car sex has been around as long as cars have so for some just using the car as an alternate venue might not be enough to satisfy that urge to do something a little not nice. Here are some pointers I have picked up on my travels through the highway of life.

    For those of you who are into a bit of bondage, what better place to practice it than in your car? The seatbelt is the perfect restraint and the headrest gives a handy place to tie back hands over your partner’s head. Or if you seats are bucket, you can simply pin your partners hands behind them and then use a soft scarf or something like that to tie their wrists together.

    To add to the sense of helplessness, you can blindfold your partner (again a soft scarf works great for this) or with a sleep mask or dark sunglasses, The lack of vision will trigger their other senses to work harder.

    Some cars come with seat warmers, you can use these to heat up the temperature of your play or you can use the air conditioning to blast them with an icy burst.


    So there you have it. Some tried and true ways to get the most out of your car. Remember not to add even more risk to the fun by using protection. Sexually transmitted diseases aren’t like a speeding ticket, you can’t dispute them in court.

    And for those of you who want to try to start the action while still driving, use caution and common sense. Don’t be doing it in rush hour traffic or while speeding down the interstate. Choose your road location carefully and while not going under the speed limit, whatever you do, don’t exceed it. Pick a road that you are familiar with, one with a lot of places to stop at the side of the road if need be.

    Let the anticipation build but don’t let the heat of the moment take you by surprise and cause you to have an accident. Somehow I don’t think there are too many insurance plans that cover that sort of thing. OK, are we set then? Gentlemen, start your engines………

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